Adidas, Foot Locker and AMV try to win friends with Snoop Lion trainer TV ad launch

Adidas and retailer Foot Locker have a tie-up in the UK through which Foot Locker gets first crack at top-rated Adidas kit.

One piece of such is its new ‘Hart Court Defender’ shoe (below) and it’s the star (along with Snoop Lion, the rapper formerly known as Dogg) of a new campaign called ‘Back to School’ and this ad, ‘Hail to the King,’ from AMV/BBDO.

It is of course the ‘back to school’ time in the summer and I guess the phrase also refers to Caribbean parties on the beach. The last thing most parents will want is their offspring demanding £70 shoes to recommence their education, but there you go. It’s a nice ad anyway, featuring Snoop holding court on Venice Beach.

Elsewhere in the UK education system Adidas is taking something of a kicking from college students over its unwillingness to pay nearly $2m in back wages to workers made redundant at a factory in Indonesia in 2011. Which hasn’t made Foot Locker too popular either.

Isn’t capitalism wonderful?

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