Tesco and Wieden+Kennedy bet the ranch on new ‘Love Every Mouthful’ food campaign

Well there it is then, the big one for Tesco from Wieden+Kennedy London: ‘Love Every Mouthful.’

Tesco has decided, rather belatedly some might say, that it’s a grocer and, therefore, should sell itself on the quality of its food.

Which it does in the new campaign, to some effect.

We’ve all been waiting for the big campaign idea from W+K since it won Tesco last year. So far it’s confined itself to cheap and cheerful commercials for all aspects of Christmas and a few tactical campaigns.

This campaign is a hardly a ‘Dottie’ or, going back even further in the halcyon days at Lowe Howard-Spink, Dudley Moore chasing free range chicken around the French countryside.

But it makes food the hero capably enough; rather like the agency’s campaigns for Arla Foods.

The proof’s in the pudding, as they say. If it boosts Tesco food sales then all will be well: for Tesco CEO Phil Clarke as well as the agency.

If it doesn’t, both of them could be seeking alternative employment.

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