Sky Sports unveils David Beckham as latest trophy signing in battle with BT

What a joy, Beckhams all over the place.

Actually this ad may be called ‘Meet the Beckhams’ but it’s only David – Victoria is doubtless far too posh for Sky Sports.

But it’s a neat way of showing that, with the next Premier League season almost upon us, you can watch Sky Sports anywhere, on any device.

From Brother and Sisters, with Inferno involved in there somewhere.

It’s also pretty easy to detect one important strand of Sky’s strategy as it tries to blow sports interloper BT out of the water: we’ve got more celebs (and more money) than you have.

Becks may have given up booting a football around professionally but he’s still a bigger star than, say, BT’s Gareth Bale. And all those B-list former BBC types.

Will Everyman Beckham (the ad shows him leaving his Belgravia mansion and eating in a pie and mash shop – which you don’t get in posh Belgravia) figure in the Sky Sports studio next season with his old Manchester United pal Gary Neville?

Looks like he could do.

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