Music Licensing Directory launches crowd-sourcing service for ad agencies looking for their next hit

Australia-based music marketplace The Music Licensing Directory is launching a new crowd-sourcing service to allow ad agencies (among others) to access artists, bands, producers and labels anywhere in the world in the unending search search for the right music track.

Using the service is free and users only a pay a fee if they are satisfied with the tracks submitted in competition.

MLD CEO Winston Giles (left) says: “Music Licensing can be a time consuming, expensive, daunting and complex process for anyone who needs to find good music for their specific purpose.

“We are offering a new approach for those who need music and don’t have the time to sift through libraries with thousands of tracks or the time to get music from multiple sources.”

Seems like a good idea. Music these days is often the single most important element in an ad or online film although often the choice still harks back to the good (bad) old days of Top of the Pops and 45s.

And Elton john and his chums have quite enough money.

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