Calvin Klein shows the old way (with new twists) still works for bumper fragrance launches

WPP has just set up a bespoke agency, Plus, for Chanel and it will be interesting to see if that produces creative work that differs from the fashion and fragrance norm.

Easier said than done of course; the old-style stuff seems (mostly) to work.

Here’s some old-style stuff (with a new twist or two) from Calvin Klein to launch its Downtown perfume line.

Getting David Fincher to direct is smart, getting Rooney Mara, the ‘alt’ star of his The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and The Social Network (she even smiles here) ditto and choosing Runaway by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs tops it off nicely. Actually the music is probably the biggest star.

And all done without an ad agency, bespoke or not.

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