MRM’s Anna produces winning Cannes blog

All sorts of funny people ship up at Cannes these days (not me, all that hedonism is completely de trop) and one of the most talented this year seems to have been have Anna Chechetka from MRM Frankfurt, one of those rather mysterious bits of McCann that does mostly non-advertising stuff but makes loads of money.

Anyway Anna, a junior art director, produced her “I am MRM” blog from the festival and it’s brilliant. If she’s a junior art director heaven knows how clever the senior ones are.

There’s an interview on there with Bob Garfield, who we referred to yesterday apropos his spat/love-in with Sir Martin Sorrell but I can’t find a YouTube version of it. But the rest of it is just as interesting.

Maybe Anna would like to volunteer her services to MAA for next year’s marathon?

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