Fallon’s zombie tour de force for Giffgaff, A&E/DDB and Deutsch battle it out for VW creative laurels

***Some interesting ads at the end of this holiday week: here’s a zombie opus from Fallon UK for mobile network Giffgaff – whose point of difference seems to be that its members help each other. Takes all sorts I suppose.

People with mobiles do behave like zombies, as we’ve remarked. Fallon wouldn’t be sending up the client would it?

***VW has just launched yet another version of its celebrated GTi, the seventh, and the one-time boy racer’s motor of choice has enlisted Frank Sinatra for its ‘beware of imitations’ theme. From Adam&Eve/DDB.

But Frank’s wasn’t the original (and he didn’t like it very much anyway). This was:

Think we’ll stick with the chairman of the board on this one.

***IPG’s Deutsch handles VW in the US – much to the annoyance of DDB owner Omnicom, no doubt.

And here’s another nice ad for VW’s rather less celebrated Jetta.

Which features a wedding fight – as does this big online winner (nearly six million YouTube hits) from Crispin Porter for Nokia’s new Windows phone. But mobiles, as we’re beginning to realise, do funny things to you.

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