WPP’s Mindshare does without creatives for new Royal Caribbean launch – campaign overboard!

Did you ever wonder what all those WPP media agencies (Mindshare, MediaCom, MEC, Maxus and no doubt many others still to be invented) actually do, when GroupM is supposed to be running the roost?

Well one thing they do is ‘entertainment’ and Mindshare Entertainment has produced this ad/online film for one its clients, Royal Caribbean and its about-to-be constructed Quantum of the Seas. RC is the company that sails floating hotels around the world which, now and then, fall over (Concordia Notte etc).

All produced without the benefit of an ad agency even though WPP owns about a hundred of them.

And it’s conclusive proof that ad agencies do have a role to play even in WPP’s world of digital/data-driven communications because it’s the most bloody awful, embarrassing and off-putting communication I have ever seen.

It also shows why you should never allow a media buyer near anything ‘creative.’

There’s eight minutes of it. I defy you to get beyond minute three.

“We wanted to create a piece that engaged all ages,” says David Lang, president of Mindshare Entertainment, the agency’s branded content division, modestly.

Don’t quit the day job Dave.

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