Perrier and Ogilvy try a game, Arnold and Sussy get cooking but Deutsch LA sticks to ads for TEN

It’s sometimes hard to convey the inner workings of the creative community to you, dear readers.

Perrier and Ogilvy Paris have recently launched their ingenious ‘Secret Place’ promotion (to which I was invited in Paris, but I was marooned in frozen London) but all I can really do is direct you to the website where you can play.

And Arnold in Amsterdam is promoting a special Stussy T-shirt with a cooking wheeze featuring Chef Misha’s ‘extreme cooking’ including a recipe for Morning Glory Ravioli with coquilles, marijuana and damiana (an aphrodisiac from Texas apparently). Among other things, there’s an exquisitely crafted cookery book (for those of you into damiana hash).

Do they still make ads any more?

Deutsch LA does with this nice spot for Dr Pepper TEN, which claims to be the ‘manliest low calorie soda in the history of mankind.’ Enjoyed by mountain Men and other butch types.

Now I think I’ll go for a lie down.

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