McDonald’s Japan tries to dance its way to success

McDonald’s has been having a hard time in Japan it seems, with sales and profits falling. Is the problem that sushi’s nicer?

Anyway, one of its strategies to drag itself out of this slough of despond is better marketing and also better recruitment, so it’s joining the rush to dance crazes (Gangnam/Harlem Shake) with its in-house troupe, the McCrew (everybody, it seems).

The fact that the Japanese government is dishing out subsidies to persuade firms to take on young people may have something to do with it.

It’s all nicely done but aren’t these dance ads/online films becoming rather a substitute for thought?

McDonalds’ advertising and marketing is usually pretty good – now that the creepy Ronald McDonald seems to be taking a back seat. Maybe the underlying problem is that this fast food company’s time has gone, whatever it does, as people demand more choice.

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