W+K’s big new idea for 3: (its own) little pony

I was beginning to think that Wieden+Kennedy London had forgotten about phone company 3, its big win of last year before Tesco rumbled through the door. Where were the ads?

Well here’s the big new campaign, featuring a little pony.

I can see why the above beast took a long time to arrive: the marketing wallahs at 3 must have thoiught the agency was off its head when it came up with this one.

However it’s had nearly 1.4m YouTube hits in a few days while the agency kindly offers a few Twitter comments on its website – “cutest ad ever” and the like. ‘Keep on internetting’ isn’t a bad line either.

Now here’s another job for the creative minds at W+K: what’s the bloody client actually called – 3 or Three?

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