Whiskas miaows up the wrong tree with AMV ad showing moggies as leopards

Here’s a hoary old chestnut: your little cat (pet moggy) is just like a big cat – in this case a rather elegant leopard.

Well I have to tell Mars/Pedigree and agency AMV/BBDO that this is completely untrue because they’re not: mine ignores the hugely expensive Hills Science Plan (won’t touch Whiskas with a bargepole) in favour of ham, crisps and tinned tuna (no oil, mind) ‘cos my son reared her on it when he came back pissed from the pub.

And leopards don’t eat crisps.

So forget it Whiskas, you’ve been on the wrong track since you used to feed the stuff to foolish account executives at sales conferences.

But it’s quite a nice film.

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