Droga5 opens new box of tricks for Newcastle Brown

Droga5 New York is continuing on its heroic task of making venerable Brit beer brand Newcastle Brown hot and trendy with further instalments in its ‘No Bollocks’ campaign. This is partly to promote the brown nectar’s new availability in cans in the US (the iconic bottles are sometimes mis-used by multi-tasking drinkers apparently).

According to the agency the ads “cut through the clutter of the overly-produced, beautiful-model-filled ads typical of the beer category.”

And because they’re 15 seconds or so there are a lot of them (maybe Trevor Beattie has a point in claiming that five seconds is the optimum ad length after all). Here are a couple (they’re all here).

There’s also a big social media promotion The Best Coaster in the World which claims, rather immodestly, to be “the most innovative beer innovation ever innovated.” And, indeed, it is all clever stuff.

I think we could do with a Droga5 in London. What about it Dave?

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