Keira Knightley smoulders in vain for Chanel

This one might change Keira Knightley’s image: the actress best-known for playing Jane Austen heroines has had her new ad for Coco Chanel Mademoiselle banned in the UK because it’s too sexy.

Actually it’s only been banned in daytime programmes after a viewer complained that it ran during kids’ film Ice Age 2.

And it is quite sexy, showing Ms Knightley being unzipped by a randy photographer (more stereotypes).

Originally it was passed by UK ad copy body Clearcast for transmission at any time (Clearcast are the muppets who banned Alex Bogusky’s Sodastream ad).


Corrected from Kiera to Keira – thanks Martin (see comment)

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  1. Oh dear, Angie has not has been attending to the celeb reports close enuf. It is Keira, as any fule no.

  2. She’ll be fired forthwith – again!

  3. …and now the video has been removed by the user. Can you say “censorship”? And this in the UK? Tsk, tsk, tsk…

  4. Got it back Maarten – a case of Chanel getting its knickers in a twist?

  5. Wandered off again…