Eric Newnham, adman Robin Williams, the Super Bowl – and where are this year’s really good ads?

Former Kinetic boss has shaken up the out of home buying business no end by winning huge chunks of business for his UK indie Talon.

Biggest client is Omnicom’s OMG; next big one might be one of Publicis Groupe’s Starcom or Zenith.

Might Omnicom or PG decide to take out this impertinent outsider?

**** Comedian Robin Williams is starring in a new pilot about an ad agency.

Don Draper’s one thing, but Robin Williams?

**** Super Bowl 2013 was a big flopperoo in terms of the ads. Never was more money spent (it looks like about $1.4m for thirty seconds) and most of them were either crap or, at best, worthy. Too much money, too much pressure and too much social media in advance.

****I haven’t seen a really good ad so far this year whereas last year there’d been a number: some at the Super Bowl, others from around Europe plus a few from the UK (I do think UK ads are getting worse).

Goodness knows what they’ll choose in Cannes: maybe they’ll introduce yet another Lion for the best, slightly better than moderate, TV campaign.

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