Can new BETC global campaign for the RCZ coupe put some oomph into Peugeot?

PSA Peugeot Citroen is a company that could do with a bit of help just now, it’s just reported a record €5bn loss and, with 60 per cent of its cars sold in the EU, must be praying that the anticipated economic recovery in Europe does indeed come to pass.

One of the problems Peugeot (as opposed to Citroen maybe) has is that its cars are, well, boring.

So its new sports coupe the RCZ is important; it won’t be its biggest seller but it might be able to sprinkle some stardust over the marque. Here’s a new global campaign from BETC Paris for a new, faster, variation.

Does it do the job? Not sure if ‘fast’ is enough really. And it’s a good-looking car so why not show a bit more of it?

In the UK these start at north of £20,000 which puts them up against BMWs and Audis, so you can see the problem.

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