Louis Vuitton flashes its (considerable) wallet with David Bowie ‘Venice’ extravaganza

Money is a nice thing to have of course and French luxury brand Louis Vuitton has buckets of it (the one-time luggage maker’s ‘brand’ alone is valued at about $26bn).

So it’s splashing the cash on this opus (running on mainstream TV in the UK, which not all luxury brands use) which features David Bowie (can’t remember seeing him in an ad before) and US model Arizona Muse. It was directed by Romain Gavras.

Is it worth it? Luxury brands like Vuitton seem to live in a rarefied world of their own, raking it in through recessions as well as upswings. It’s doubtless vulgar to show any product.

One production wallah told me that the end bit with the Chinese junk floating down the Grand Canal in Venice probably costs millions. Think I’ll pop out to Poundland.

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