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Buckingham Palace isn’t giving up – they still want us to call Kate Middleton (queen-to-be) Catherine

If it carries on like this they’ll be kicking the corgis next at that big house at London SW1A 1AA (there’s an address for you). Buckingham Palace spokespeople (Private Eye occasionally imagines one called Sir Alan Fitztightly) are still trying ...

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WPP set to buy Obama digital fundraiser Blue State Digital

WPP is close to a deal to buy Blue State Digital, the digital agency whose fundraising efforts headed by founder Joe Rospars helped to propel Barack Obama into the White House. Despite its political fame and a client list that ...

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Havas’ Vincent Bollore launches electric cars hire scheme in Paris

We’ve already had Google developing driverless cars and now another big adland figure Vincent Bollore of Havas says he is pumping 100m euros into a scheme called Autolib to rent out electric cars to Parisians. The ‘blue cars’ in question, ...

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Tuition fees row slaughters Liberal Democrat poll rating

In leader Nick Clegg and business guru Vince Cable the Liberal Democrats, the junior partner to the Conservatives in the UK’s current coalition government, had two of the most popular and respected communicators at the time of the May general ...

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WPP’s US lobbying firm Dewey Square under fire for submitting fake letters

WPP-owned public affairs firm Dewey Square is under investigation from the US Department of Justice over fake letters sent to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and Securities and Exchange Commission on behalf of a so far unnamed client, believed to ...

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South Africa drinks giants go to jail for Drive Dry campaign

Motoring in South Africa is a hazardous enough experience and drinks giants Diageo, Heineken and Namibia Breweries who operate under the Brandhouse banner are sponsoring a new campaign by Cape Town agency Fox P2 to try to cut down drink ...

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Scotland Yard scuppers Andy Coulson phone tapping investigation

Andy Coulson is the former News of the World editor under whose watch his royal reporter Clive Goodman and his private eye legman Glenn Mulcaire tapped into the phones of members of the Royal Family and other celebs including Max ...

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Anarchy in the UK and on the web – is it more than just a failure (of all parties) to communicate?

Maybe it’s generational but the violent student riots against the UK coalition governments decision to triple the upper limit of university tuition fees and the (largely successful) attempts by Wikileaks supporters to disable the websites of what they see as ...

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