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Scotland Yard scuppers Andy Coulson phone tapping investigation

Andy Coulson is the former News of the World editor under whose watch his royal reporter Clive Goodman and his private eye legman Glenn Mulcaire tapped into the phones of members of the Royal Family and other celebs including Max ...

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Anarchy in the UK and on the web – is it more than just a failure (of all parties) to communicate?

Maybe it’s generational but the violent student riots against the UK coalition governments decision to triple the upper limit of university tuition fees and the (largely successful) attempts by Wikileaks supporters to disable the websites of what they see as ...

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Was the BBC to blame for England losing World Cup bid to Russia?

Well it hardly helped considering that four of the 22-man FIFA executive committee who voted on the bids for 2018 and 2022 today were accused in a Panorama programme on Monday of taking bribes or, in the case of Trinidad ...

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Barclays’ John Varley to lead British banks £180bn long overdue charm offensive

Crikey that sounds a lot of money and, before you get too excited, that £180bn isn’t the marketing budget for the latest, and most serious, effort by the much-criticised British banking fraternity to persuade UK consumers (and politicians) that they’re ...

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Will Freud PR quit Publicis and tie up with Engine or M&C Saatchi?

UK PR supremo Matthew Freud of Freud Communications has been here before, leaving the Omnicom marcoms company in 2001 after it bought his owner Abbott Mead Vickers. Now, according to the Financial Times, he’s thinking of quitting current owner Publicis ...

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