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Lord Bell quits Bell Pottinger for new frontières

Lord Bell (Tim to you and me) is quitting as chairman of PR firm Bell Pottinger to set up a new outfit, Sans Frontières. By the sounds of it Sans Frontières will roam the wilder shore of PR and communications, ...

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Poor Enfatico is still down in the Boonedocks

One Torrence Boone, who’s now a VP at Google charged with agency relationships, founds himself at the centre of a mini-storm that may well gather into something bigger. Back in 2008 Boone (left) was one of the leading lights of ...

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Cindy Gallop for new Publicis head coach?

At last we’re getting somewhere in the Kevin Roberts sexism farrago. Former BBH New York chairman (or should that be..) Cindy Gallop (below), who seems to have garnered about as much publicity out of this as Roberts, has tweeted: “My ...

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Is dumped Saatchi boss Kevin Roberts the victim of a new industry orthodoxy?

What many people who have lined up to applaud the demise of Kevin Roberts for his supposedly sexist remarks have overlooked is that he’s been suspended by Publicis Groupe for voicing an opinion. Not for sexual harassment or discriminating against ...

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FCB scoops another ‘Grand Prix for good’ with Cannes Lions Health prize for Pearson’s ‘Project Literacy’

London’s FCB Inferno has won the Cannes Lions Health and Wellness Grand Prix for its integrated campaign ‘Alphabet of Illiteracy’ for education company Pearson’s Project Literacy. FCB Inferno is pretty good at good causes advertising, last year it won the ...

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Charlie Sheen fronts launch of ‘game-changing’ new condom Lelo Hex

Most people, in his view, would like Charlie Sheen’s lifestyle – maybe former lifestyle – with one exception. He’s been diagnosed with HIV. So he’s fronting a new campaign for a new “re-engineered” condom from Lelo (which says it’s a ...

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It’s only May but Leicester City is our Brand of the Year

We haven’t made a habit of awarding a Brand of the Year but there’s no doubt which one it should be this year were we to do so: Leicester City FC. Not just because they’ve won the Premier League – ...

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Matt Williams: Advertising Week Europe is raising important issues – but let’s cut the ‘celebs’

There’s a lot I really don’t like about advertising festivals. The awkward backslapping, the stream of talks that are little more than glorified case studies where agencies and brands pay an extortionate amount to try and convince you that their ...

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