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Apple’s new Appocalypse rings disturbingly true

I don’t know why Apple, which foisted apps on the world, thinks this is funny. It began its World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), at which it unveiled HomePod with Siri, with this film showing what happens when a new employee ...

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Apple edits down Romeo and Juliet to 30 seconds

We like a good thirty seconds here (well time is short and we have to get on). Here’s one from Apple, ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ in its ‘Practically Magic’ iPhone 7 series. Home produced it seems. First up it’s “they look ...

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Microsoft Surface Studio tries to out-Apple Apple

There’s rarely been a better time to bash Apple as the giant struggles to persuade the world it needs a new iPhone and its once-bulging new product drawer looks decidedly empty. Microsoft, by comparison, seems to be thriving in its ...

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Does the iPhone 7 need more than TBWA’s beautifully-crafted balloons?

You never get fired for balloons in ads, that’s for sure, and TBWA\Media Arts Lab has rounded up more than a few for the latest instalment of its ‘Practically Magic’ campaign for Apple. This time plugging ‘expressive messaging’ on the ...

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Apple Music gets its slice of James Corden

Apple Music has won the bidding war to make a stand-alone series of Carpool Karaoke, the wildly popular segment of James Corden’s Late Late Show in the US, although Corden won’t be in it. But he’s in just about everything ...

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Teelcoms giant Huawei goes into challenger mode in WPP’s Nova phone launch

China’s Huawei is the biggest telecoms equipment manufacturer in the world, which doesn’t make it too popular with some suspicious American politicians. In terms of mobiles it’s a challenger brand though and so WPP’s ‘Team Huawei'(you just knew there’d be ...

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Unilever says brands lead to a bright future

Unilever has been busily positioning itself as the Goody Two-Shoes of the commercial world over the past decade or so and now it’s made this ad (more corporate film actually), ‘Bright Future,’ putting its sustainable cards on the table. With ...

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