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180 Amsterdam wins conservation group FFI

180 Amsterdam has won Fauna & Flora International, the quaintly-named conservation NGO that claims to be the oldest such in what these days is a fairly crowded market. !80 will work on global branding for FFI as well as a ...

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Scaremongering Romney ad upsets Chrysler

Yet another US election ad caught with its integrity down. This time it’s all about Mitt Romney desperately currying favour in the battlefield state of Ohio by resorting to what appear to be – er – lies about Chrysler’s employment ...

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WPP’s Sorrell reports a black September for revenue

Growth at the world’s largest advertising group WPP almost ground to a halt in September, forcing WPP’s Sir Martin Sorrell to cut the company’s 2012 revenue growth estimate to between 2.5 per cent and three per cent. As recently as ...

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Could Clint Eastwood be the clincher for Romney?

What was it Wellington used to say? Something about Napoleon’s hat on the battlefield being worth 50,000 men. I reckon Clint Eastwood, more revered than any living president past or present, could be worth considerably more than 50,000 votes in ...

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Is Mitt Romney wise to bank on croaky old Clint?

Clint Eastwood produced a rather bizarre turn at the Republication convention (addressing an empty chair) and here he is again, fronting up for Mitt Romney in one of the many PAC-funded ads that the US bizarrely allows in elections (PACs ...

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Now it’s the turn of Rupert Murdoch’s enemies (the BBC and the Mirror) to shiver in the spotlight

Considering the gloating opportunities, @rupertmurdoch has been abnormally restrained. Apart from a terse but prescient: “Saville (sic)- BBC story long way to run. BBC far the biggest, most powerful organization in UK,” nothing has been said on the subject since ...

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JCDecaux expands in Russia and eyes giant Moscow bus shelter contract

Russia under president Vladimir Putin may be a dangerous place for Pussy Riot band members but big companies from across the spectrum are crossing their fingers and legs and heading for what’s rapidly becoming Europe’s biggest market. BP, whose boss ...

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