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UK coalition government boosts adspend to £289m – just in time for next year’s General Election

The coalition government has published its Government Communication Plan and it’s planning to spend £289m on ‘proactive communications’ in 2014/15, a whopping 22 per cent increase on the £237m spent in 2013/14. And 2015 is General Election year in the ...

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DLKW Lowe launches anti-dementia crusade

After years of neglect in the UK the dementia illness is now getting the attention it deserves and DLKW Lowe has produced this winning film for Public Health England and the Alzheimer’s Society supporting their Dementia Friends initiative. In the ...

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Here’s how to reform the BBC following Patten exit

The BBC occupies such a pivotal place in British life – and it’s a growing force worldwide too – that whoever’s in charge is important for other media organisations too. Marketers find their media options defined, at least in part, ...

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UKIP’s PPB howler kicks off bruising election season

For once British PM David Cameron got it right when he described anti-immigation political party UKIP as stuffed full of “fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists.” Now, of course, UKIP is destined to get its own back by trouncing Cameron’s Tories ...

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Will UK tax problems foil Omnicom/Publicis merger?

We’ve all been assuming that the Omnicom/Publicis merger will sail through, eventually, once the pesky Chinese regulators (who held up the Dentsu/Aegis deal) finally say OK. Alas this isn’t the only problem for Omnicom boss John Wren (left) and French ...

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Film students produce slo-mo Easter chicks epic for PETA

Easter is about chicks and bunnies (and a certain Christian festival, of course) so here’s a (not so) heartwarming tale from animal rights group PETA. Made by director Djawid Hakimyar and his colleagues at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg and donated on ...

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Grey New York takes gentle approach to gun dangers

To outsiders the incidence of gun crime in the US is both horrifying and mystifying – why on earth don’t they restrict the damn things? But guns are part of the culture for many people there, a rather double-edged birthright. ...

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