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Jam for Xbox, Rebekah Brooks, reasons why London admen should be wary of Scottish independence debate

***Engine Group’s social media agency Jam has just produced this rather good ad for Xbox featuring retired Manchester United and Netherlands striker Ruud Van Nistelrooy. Maybe new and under-fire Man U manager David Moyes will get on the website and ...

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Now Walmart bangs the drum for American jobs

Walmart, rather like the UK’s Tesco, is hardly the world’s most-loved corporation. One of the things such retailers are often castigated for is buying cheap abroad, at the expense of manufacturing jobs in their home market. But America is working ...

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China merger delay grates on Omnicom/Publicis nerves

When Omnicom and Publicis Groupe announced their intention to merge in the summer it was thought that the combined group’s share of media buying (in some parts of the Americas it will reach over 40 per cent) would be the ...

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Vlad the bad Putin takes another one from Norway’s XXL

We observed earlier that the gay/lesbian row in Russia, highlighted by the Winter Olympics in Sochi, would be more fun that people falling over on ice skates – and so it’s proving. Now we have Norwegian sports retailer XXL and ...

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Crown versus WPP – media buying version, that is

‘Ello, ‘ello, what’s going on ‘ere? Campaign reports that the Crown Commercial Service, which has taken over running UK government ad contracts from the late and entirely unlamented Government Procurement Service, has had to postpone its tender for all the ...

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Chevrolet goes gay as it tries to find a new, new road

Thanks to darling Vladimir Putin we’re all gay these days – or big brands are anyway. Chevrolet is making a principled stand/jumping on the bandwagon (delete where necessary) of Russia’s anti-gay and lesbian programme by running this ad in NBC’s ...

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Canada’s gay ‘lugers’ show up ridiculous Vladimir Putin

The Winter Olympics, just opened in Sochi, Russia, promises to be a laugh – unless a suicide bomber gets through, of course. Chief cause of merriment will be the efforts of pro-gay supporters (who include Google and the UK’s Channel ...

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Phone hacking spotlight falls on Trinity Mirror papers

A rather large cat jumped out of the bag in the phone hacking trial at the Old Bailey in London yesterday. Former Sunday Mirror journalist Dan Evans (left), appearing as a witness for the prosecution, claimed that he had hacked ...

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