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Google teams with Monotype to kill computer “tofu”

Google keeps changing the world as, in its own way, has Monotype over the years. Details are emerging of a joint initiative between the two – the Google Noto Project – aimed at developing “a typeface family that encompasses all ...

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YouTube launches six-second mobile ‘Bumper’ ads

Google is monetising YouTube with a vengeance and it’s introduced six-second ‘Bumper’ ads to grab the half of 18-49 year olds it says prefer to watch videos on their smartphone, even when there’s a bigger screen available. Which proves, if ...

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YouTube is more effective than TV says Google boss

YouTube – which is owned by Google of course – is claiming that new research shows that ROI (return on investment) is greater on its channel than on conventional TV, which should set the thinkers at TV marketing body Thinkbox ...

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Droga5 baffles for Android with rock, paper, scissors

Droga5 in the US has produced a new campaign ‘be together. not the same’ – for Google’s operating system Android. It features a rather winning trio of the famously incompatible rock, paper and scissors. But what on earth’s the point? ...

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Why online ad blockers may be doing marketers a favour

While the marketing world frets about ‘ad blockers,’ highly popular apps that can edit out ads from mobiles and computers, there’s more evidence that rather fewer people than expected are looking at the things in the first place. Some European ...

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Will life change as Google becomes Alphabet?

For people in advertising and media anyway the likely answer is ‘Not much.’ Separating the Google search and advertising business from the company’s other ambitious, sometimes barmy, bets allows founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page to concentrate on their own ...

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