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Tom Denford and David Indo from ID Comms: cracks in the media “walled gardens”

On this week’s #MediaSnack Tom and David get excited that digital media behemoths Google and Facebook, so dominant of global digital media investment, are softening their stance on allowing external verification and measurement. Are the walls around their highly successful ...

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ID Comms exclusive: Tom Denford and ANA CEO Bob Liodice on media transparency

In this week’s #mediasnack Tom chats to Bob Liodice, CEO of the US Association of National Advertisers about the decision to launch its media transparency investigations last year and what has changed as a result. They start off by summarising ...

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Mad Man Don Draper is flummoxed by Big Data

How many of you have wanted to do this? Mad Men’s Don Draper gatecrashes a Miller beer meeting to hear some researchnozzle (thanks George) stating the bleedin’ obvious from his pile of, no doubt, expensively acquired data. But he’s not ...

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R3: Omnicom scoops 2016 new business prizes

Omnicom has wiped the floor with its rivals in the 2016 new business stakes, according to marketing consultant R3 Worlwide. Unlike 2015 creative and digital reviews took precedence over media reviews by value but Omnicom agencies topped both tables as ...

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WFA: independents step up programmatic challenge to agency trading desks

Agency trading desks continue to be the dominant model for programmatic ad buying, used as the principal approach for nearly 40 per cent of the world’s biggest brands, according to new research by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA). However ...

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CES’ brave new world of data-driven smoke and mirrors

Here’s a video, courtesy of The Drum, from the CES show in Las Vegas. As well as the no doubt interesting exhibits it seems awash with agency types trying to bend a client’s ear. I see that WPP’s Xaxis is ...

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Scott Galloway’s secrets of successful brands

Why do some brands win and others fail in this wonderful interconnected world? Win year after year it seems. Here’s Professor Scott Galloway of “business intelligence” firm L2 on the subject. It isn’t about “user growth multiplied by engagement” as ...

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