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BMW tops list of ‘world’s most reputable companies’

Something called the Reputation Institute, which represents ‘reputation managers,’ has produced a survey of the world’s most reputable companies based on soundings among consumers in 15 large countries. Reputation is defined by the level of ‘trust, admiration, respect and good ...

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McDonald’s Japan tries to dance its way to success

McDonald’s has been having a hard time in Japan it seems, with sales and profits falling. Is the problem that sushi’s nicer? Anyway, one of its strategies to drag itself out of this slough of despond is better marketing and ...

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American Apparel in trouble over sexy thigh-highs

American Apparel’s in trouble again with the UK’s ad regulatory body the ASA, this time for ‘overtly sexual’ images on its website. To its great delight, no doubt. These are deemed to be ‘voyeuristc’ and to ‘objectify women,’ among other ...

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