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Team WPP’s Ford blunder reveals the perils of living in a creative bubble

What could be more timely than demonstrating the little car’s exceptional cargo-carrying capacity than three nubile women, one scantily clad, all three bound and gagged, occupying the boot space? Closer inspection of the ad reveals that the caricatures are supposed ...

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Invite someone outside for a fart says new BBDO Toronto anti-smoking campaign

Here’s a different spin on smoking and the disadvantages thereof from BBDO Toronto. Instead of showing people gasping for breath, dying and the horrible state of their insides it swaps ‘social’ smoking for farting – and pretty ridiculous it seems ...

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US mayors launch ad campaign against illegal guns

The battle over Amercians’ seemingly inalienable right to shoot each other has taken to the airwaves with a new $12m ad campaign funded by ‘Mayors Against Illegal Guns’ (including New York’s Michael Bloomberg) making the case for ‘comprehensive background checks’ ...

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UK newspapers set to spoil politicians’ Leveson deal

Oh Frabjous Day! Callooh! Callay! they chortled in their joy! The political class seems intoxicated with having finally, excruciatingly, achieved cross-party consensus on regulating the press. Everyone, it seems, is a winner. Dave has gambled – with losing a vote ...

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Walkers ad says it’s using real food – whatever next?

All sorts of funny things happen in marketing and here’s another: food manufacturers actually putting real food in their products; just fancy that. Walkers Crisps is jumping on the post-horsemeat bandwagon with this ad from AMV/BBDO featuring our favourite Match ...

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