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Canada’s Cossette tries to sharpen up charity Amnesty International

Agencies tend to do good work for charities and (let’s be polite) less good work for businesses – while they should be capable of doing equally good work for both. But charities are big clients these days (media agencies love ...

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Is Pedigree’s new ‘dog rescue’ campaign just another example of the UK’s conflicted doggy emotions?

All advertisers like to be on the side of the angels so Mars-owned Pedigree Petfoods is donating a million ‘free’ meals to rescued dogs this year. And here’s the appropriately gritty AMV/BBDO ad to launch the campaign. The campaign also ...

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Miami agency Alma cleans up with new Glad Tent

US firm Glad makes ForceFlex trash bags and music festivals produce a lot of noise – and trash. So Miami agency Alma had the bright idea of making tents to give away to festival-goers out of ForceFlex trash bags, provided ...

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Why Aberdeen Asset Management is the Intel of global financial services

What’s the biggest, most successful, company you’ve never heard of? Impossible to say, of course. But a good candidate would be Aberdeen Asset Management. It’s in the FTSE100; it’s genuinely global. And it’s very profitable indeed, judging from its latest ...

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BBH Refuge online video is a viral Modern Classic

Many years ago, Howard Gossage wrote: “people read what interests them- sometimes it’s an ad”. For a ‘modern classic’ this should be extended to see, watch, search for, hear, partake in and pass on. When TV shows boasted 20 million ...

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Who’s to blame for Hyundai’s suicide ad?

Here’s the notorious Hyundai iX35 ad from in-house agency Innocean that shows a would-be suicide being thwarted because the thing emits water not poisonous fumes. Actually it’s well-nigh perfect – apart from the small matter of taste. Does it demonstrate ...

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