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Nestle and Ogilvy Paris wage war on fat Mexico

Now it’s Nestle trying to save the world with a new initiative ‘United For Healthier Kids.’ Nestle hasn’t always had a good press for its child-focussed activities, of course. The target here is Mexico, which is the world’s obesity capital ...

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Coke showers more goodies on the world in epic Copa Coca-Cola campaign

Big brands lavishing goodies on the world seem to be the flavour of the times. Can you recall when they tries to sell us stuff? Maybe it’s because, unlike most countries, they aren’t running stonking great deficits so they can ...

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Oborne/Telegraph HSBC row shows why brand owners shouldn’t touch the news agenda with a bargepole

Editors have always come under pressure from proprietors, forever anxious to protect their commercial investment and, quite often, suck up to friends and supposed allies. Such conflicts aren’t always as black and white as they seem. Hacks often hunt in ...

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WPP sets out to sort EU public sector communications

It’s an ill wind…the EU may be going to hell in a handcart but communications giant WPP is riding to the rescue. WPP’s Government & Public Sector Practice is launching a ‘dedicated client team’ for EU institutions, public bodies and ...

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What’s next for Publicis as it seals Sapient deal?

Publicis Groupe has finally sealed its $3.7bn takeover of technology company Sapient (which also includes the Sapient Nitro agency) after finally persuading the US authorities that French ownership of the company – which works on US defence business – poses ...

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WPP’s Sorrell falls into the ‘inequality’ trap

WPP’s Sir Martin Sorrell is an interesting choice to debate inequality (total pay packet over the past two years £48m, estimated net worth £200m, and that’s with the big divorce out of the way). But that’s what he was doing ...

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Tesco: Leahy and Clarke finally come out fighting

Who’s right about Tesco, Terry or Phil? Or are they both wrong? Former CEO Sir Terry Leahy (left) broke his silence on Tesco on last night’s BBC Panorama programme, blaming a ‘failure of leadership’ (Phil Clarke his successor as CEO) ...

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