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BP’s Hayward and Svanberg are toast – what about Terry Leahy and Tony Blair?

BP CEO Tony Hayward, fresh from his more than uncomfortable meeting with Barack Obama yesterday, was eviscerated by US congressmen today (June 17). Hayward didn’t have any answers to aggressive but perfectly reasonable questions about BP’s lamentable safety record in ...

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COI beats cutbacks with first quarter poster bonanza

Those naughty people at the Central Office of Information, the UK government’s advertising body, got their retaliation in first in the first quarter of 2010, spending £8m on posters, way ahead of the next biggest spenders McDonalds and Sky which ...

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BP needs a rebrand – what about Anglo-Iranian?

Because BP, the most vilified company on earth, was once the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company during which period it acted as an unofficial arm of the British government, helping to engineer a coup in Iran in the 1950s which brought the ...

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Cameron under pressure over BP

One of the many roles of a British Prime Minister is to be Brand Director or Head of PR for UK plc, something which Tony Blair, for all his faults, accomplished rather well. Even Gordon Brown, never one of nature’s ...

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Islam campaign needs punchier approach

There’s a new advertising and PR campaign out today that aims to improve the British public’s perception of Islam and Muslims. Launched by the Exploring Islam Foundation, it covers media relations, online activity and an outdoor advertising campaign at bus ...

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UK government ads to take £105m hit – or will they?

Well that seems to be the intention if a letter from COI deputy CEO Peter Buchanan is to be believed. He says advertising will be cut ‘by half’ from its current £211m with the other parts of the Government’s £540m ...

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Gaza flotilla deaths put Israel’s Mark Regev, and the FT, on the spot

Not that Regev was involved personally in the raid by Israeli commandos on the Gaza flotilla relief mission but it’s shoved him back in the spotlight again as Israel’s official spokesman. And the Financial Times, of all papers, finds itself ...

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Aussie PM Rudd and mining giants in ad war over tax

Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd wants to bring in a 40 per cent surtax on the mining giants who are digging up huge chunks of the country to supply the ever-growing needs of Chinese industry. He’s been criticised already for ...

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