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How the politicians failed to get through to the voters

One of the reasons for the hung parliament produced by the general election may simply be the mediocre quality of the communications from the three parties. homework for you In past elections, slogans such as the Tories’ “Labour isn’t working” ...

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Gravity-defying Lord Bell reports record revenue at Chime

Lord Bell, Tim Bell as was in his Saatchi & Saatchi days, is that rare breed of adman who proved equally adept at doing something else. Public relations is not so different from advertising of course but the cultural divide ...

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Will the Tories really slash the UK COI’s £232m budget?

On the face of it it’s a done deal, the Tories and their putative allies the Liberal Democrats have vowed to cut the UK’s deficit – currently standing at an imposing £167bn – so shaving 20 per cent or so ...

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Boys, boys! Boulton and Campbell square up on Sky TV

Sometime or other we may have a government in the UK. In the meantime we must amuse ourselves with the antics of the broadcasters and here we have Sky political editor Adam Boulton and Tony Blair’s spinmeister Alastair Campbell (once ...

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Forget about Greece and the Eurozone, think East

Which, of course, under pressure, just about everybody in the US or Europe has been told for years, but we don’t really believe it do we? But the latest Nielsen Global Consumer Confidence survey shows that consumers are feeling pretty ...

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There is a victor in the UK election – pollsters Ipsos Mori

You have to hold your hands up, as a football manager might say, the boys done well. Ipsos Mori’s exit poll of over 17,000 voters in the UK general election was right on the money, its prediction of 307 Conservative ...

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London futures market opens early to drive down UK economy

Bizarre as it may seem the London International Financial Futures Market, now owned by the New York Stock Exchange, is going to open at 1am on Friday May 7, six hours early, so that dealers, many of whom will be ...

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Paddy Power takes a gamble on David Cameron

Another branding triumph today for brash bookmaker Paddy Power, which is paying out two days early on all bets on David Cameron to be Prime Minister and the Tories to win most seats in the general election. write an essay ...

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