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Forget about Greece and the Eurozone, think East

Which, of course, under pressure, just about everybody in the US or Europe has been told for years, but we don’t really believe it do we? But the latest Nielsen Global Consumer Confidence survey shows that consumers are feeling pretty ...

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There is a victor in the UK election – pollsters Ipsos Mori

You have to hold your hands up, as a football manager might say, the boys done well. Ipsos Mori’s exit poll of over 17,000 voters in the UK general election was right on the money, its prediction of 307 Conservative ...

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London futures market opens early to drive down UK economy

Bizarre as it may seem the London International Financial Futures Market, now owned by the New York Stock Exchange, is going to open at 1am on Friday May 7, six hours early, so that dealers, many of whom will be ...

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Paddy Power takes a gamble on David Cameron

Another branding triumph today for brash bookmaker Paddy Power, which is paying out two days early on all bets on David Cameron to be Prime Minister and the Tories to win most seats in the general election. write an essay ...

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Out of the frying pan into the fire for BP’s Andrew Gowers

Some people have the gift of timing and others certainly do not. One such is the intelligent and personable Andrew Gowers who was replaced as editor of the Financial Times by US editor Lionel Barber in 2005. He then joined ...

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Santander grabs bigger UK market share

Spanish banking giant Santander has tripled its UK savings deposits to £3bn in the first quarter of 2010 and upped its lending to the hard-pressed small and medium-sized company sector by a healthy 18 per cent. The bank, which rebranded ...

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Party leaders limber up for third UK debate: but they won’t mention spending cuts because there won’t be any

No they won’t in any detail because the notion that the UK, under whichever government, is about to go in for swingeing spending cuts is complete nonsense. Only one government since the end of World War Two has actually cut ...

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M&C man takes Labour fight to client David Cameron

Yes, there’s an M&C Saatchi executive standing for Labour against Tory leader David Cameron in his Witney, Oxfordshire constituency. M&C is the Tories’ ad agency of course, house speciality dissing Labour PM Gordon Brown. Let Stephen Bates in the Guardian ...

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Don’t blame the Greeks, blame the Germans for stock market carnage

All those Germans who take over Greek holiday resorts in the summer had better watch their step this year. Greece now looks increasingly likely to default on its debts, and maybe Portugal too, after the two main powers in the ...

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