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The Donald’s new logo suggests a hot time for Pence

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has named Indiana governor Mike Pence as his running mate – and unveiled a spanking new logo. Let’s hope Pence doesn’t get shafted in the same way as countless Trump associates and customers over the ...

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Brinsley Dresden of Lewis Silkin: do misleading Brexit claims mean the referendum should be re-run?

The EU Referendum vote on June 23 was a watershed moment for UK history, and the debate from both the Remainers and the Brexiteers, emotionally charged and delivered with, at times, unrestrained vehemence, has raised serious questions about the regulation ...

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Paul Simons: a timely blast from the past from Tim Bell

Tim Bell was one of a long line of politics commentators talking to BBC News from College Green the other evening. He was on around 7.30, live, approximately 90 minutes after the Chablis is normally opened in the office. I ...

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Wieden+Kennedy enters debate on US shootings

Wieden+Kennedy HQ in Portland has entered the anguished debate in the US about this week’s shootings by police of two black men – Alton Sterling and Philando Castile – with this post on its website. It concludes with: “Just an ...

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WPP boosts European data business with Conexance buy

WPP has bought Conexance which it says operates the leading data co-operative for consumer transactions in France. Conexance is a database marketing with proprietary statistical modeling to identify consumer behaviours and attributes to predict future purchases. Conexance’s data cooperative includes ...

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Was adland even partly to blame for Brexit?

The consequences of Brexit are becoming more clear with Bank of England governor Paul Carney trying to steady the economic ship by relaxing banks’ capital requirements in the hope, possibly forlorn, that this will encourage them to keep lending. Commercial ...

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WPP gains a foothold in Iran with Kantar research tie-up

Wherever there’s business to do be done there’s WPP. A few years ago it got into hot water by opening up in Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe and it was the first of the networks to go into Cuba (or should that ...

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Media’s big guns launch Gove into Tory leadership fight

The most interesting person is UK politics isn’t Boris Johnson – still less Jeremy Corbyn – but Michael Gove, the former education secretary and friend of David Cameron who deserted Cameron to support the Brexit cause in the EU Referendum. ...

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