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Lucky Generals launches ‘Goonervision Song Contest’ for Paddy Power

I’ve often found Paddy Power’s advertising efforts mildly irritating – sometimes more than that. You set out to be ‘disruptive’ and it often seems as though the kids have taken over the nursery. The missing factor is ‘taste,’ a rather ...

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UK voters ignore the experts and vote for Cameron

The voters make fools of us all from time to time (including we hacks) and it looks as though 2015’s General Election has been one such instance. Most of the polls have been proved wrong (except a so-called ‘rogue’ one ...

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How ‘Red Ed’ Miliband won the UK election ad campaign

I’ve no idea who’s going to win Thursday’s election – the latest polls shows the Tories and Labour neck and neck on 33 per cent, as they pretty much have throughout – but we can, at least, offer a view ...

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Paddy Power and Lucky Generals bring election to life

Lots of people have been bemoaning the lack of sparky election ads, harking back to the moth-encrusted days of Saatchi’s ‘Labour Isn’t Working’ for Margaret Thatcher and the Tories. Up and coming London agency Lucky Generals produced a couple of ...

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Johnny Hornby: this is how you win the General Election

None of the parties fighting out the UK General Election seems to have hired Johnny Hornby, grand vizier of CHI & Partners and The&Partnership, even though CHI has worked for both Labour (in the Tony Blair era) and the Tories ...

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Labour’s Ed Miliband badly needs a smart ad agency – but it doesn’t looks as though he’ll get one

Ads, and the efforts of admen, will play a role in May’s General Election but, probably, a lesser role than the admen would hope. So far there’s been one well-aimed punch, M&C Saatchi’s poster for the Conservatives featuring Labour leader ...

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