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Best Ads of the Year

Andy Fowler of Brothers and Sisters: best ads of 2016

My fave ads of 2016 are: IKEA Sweden ‘Let’s Relax’ Never was a truer word spoken in an ad. Someone had to kill the irritating food selfie. Well done IKEA! Under Armour USA Phelps/Gymnastics For me, Under Armour has totally ...

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Jules Chalkley of BMB: best ads of 2016

Best ads of 2016 Libresse – Blood I love the provocative nature of the idea. The expression in film is really striking and disruptive. Whilst other advertisers may go out of their way to avoid showing blood with graphics or ...

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Michael Lee of Madam: best US ads of 2016

Here’s a brief (and early) look back at the spots of 2016. No internet epics, no Superbowl blockbusters no Olympic tear jerkers, just the spots that run every day informing buyers, engaging audiences…… and selling products (and candidates). The unfashionable, ...

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Best ads of 2016: TalkTalk from CHI and two crackers from Mother win October

It’s amazing that ISP TalkTalk is still with us, given some of its past disasters (mostly self inflicted). CEO Dido Harding is still talking the talk though, succeeding in annoying BT’s Gavin Patterson no end with her (mostly justified) criticisms ...

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Best ads of 2016: Wieden+Kennedy leads in March with TK Maxx debut

Wieden+Kennedy London produced our top scoring ad in March (8.5) with this pleasingly wacky debut for TK Maxx, which cleverly points out the range of products the retailer sells. A proper campaign from an agency recovering its best form. Other ...

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