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LBi’s Simon Gill picks his Desert Island (Digital) Ads

Simon Gill joined digital agency LBi in 2006 as head of design for the web development team with responsibility for interaction and user experience design. He was rapidly promoted to creative director and is now executive creative director. He has ...

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‘Lifesaver’ hard man Vinnie Jones returns for British Heart Foundation

Talking of advertising agencies being useful (which we were earlier) Grey London’s campaign for the British Heart Foundation is back amid claims that it’s saved 28 lives. The campaign features ‘hard man’ Vinnie Jones who resuscitates heart falure victims to ...

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McCann: out of the frying pan, into the fire

Harris Diamond – who’s he? The new chairman and chief executive of McCann Worldgroup, replacing Nick Brien as of last night – that’s who. Brien’s position has long since looked untenable – to all, that is, except senior Interpublic management. ...

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M&S Christmas ads don’t tell the whole store story

When I wrote about Waitrose and Christmas ads I was anticipating the full outpouring to begin later in the month but in week one of November we now have the latest contributions from M&S and Boots. I gather John Lewis ...

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Waitrose charity Xmas ad is a risk – but other UK retailers take a bigger one with their insular outlook

As the Christmas advertising hits our TV screens it’s interesting to see Waitrose go completely off piste and abandon the competition for the most expensive production. I’ve read some mutterings about whether this is wise or not but one outcome ...

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Hurricane Sandy drowns out Google’s vital Nexus 10 tablet launch

Oh dear, oh dear, “Frankenstorm” has rained on Google’s busy parade. Just as the internet services giant was preparing a slew of product launches – including, it was hoped, a game-changing 10in tablet, the Nexus 10, along comes the perfect ...

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