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Emi Gal of Brainient: what does YouTube’s new TrueView interactive format mean for video advertisers?

Last month saw the fifth anniversary of YouTube’s cost-per-view (CPV) TrueView ads. YouTube celebrated by introducing some interesting new features – one of them being interactive cards. Interactive video advertising is what we do at Brainient and have been doing ...

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Neil Dawson: why Volkswagen is a Modern Classic

If only everything in life was as reliable as the Volkswagen tone of voice. Times have changed, cars have changed, technology has changed. But the VW tone of voice endures. How come? One thing that helped was the huge body ...

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Matt Williams: are unique events the way to win the agency PR game?

Every week there’s something new that’s killing advertising. That’ll put all agencies out of business. This year, one of those trendy threats is advocacy. Why the hell would clients come to us anymore when they can get better reach and ...

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Labour’s Ed Miliband badly needs a smart ad agency – but it doesn’t looks as though he’ll get one

Ads, and the efforts of admen, will play a role in May’s General Election but, probably, a lesser role than the admen would hope. So far there’s been one well-aimed punch, M&C Saatchi’s poster for the Conservatives featuring Labour leader ...

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Paul Marsden of Syzygy: is neuroscience the way to predict marketing success – or just more neurobollocks?

The results of a *landmark consumer neuroscience study will be published later this year showing that brain scans can indeed predict the effectiveness of marketing material. But there’s a catch, only the most expensive fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) scans ...

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