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Now BBH unveils Tesco’s take on food porn

BBH finally hit its stride for Tesco at Christmas with some excellent downbeat films, based on reality (brave at Christmas) supported by excellent acting. Now it’s bigging up the food with, again, a bit of reality (well adland’s version of ...

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Unilever retreats in Brexit price bust-up with Tesco

That didn’t take very long did it? Unilever and Tesco have settled their differences over prices, which resulted in Unilever products disappearing from the Tesco website (briefly). Unilever must have read our story yesterday pointing out the reputational damage the ...

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BBH launches life-saving babygrow campaign with St John Ambulance and Tesco

BBH client St John Ambulance is running a campaign trying to increase knowledge among parents of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) when babies stop breathing. A survey of 2000 parent says this is what they fear most. So the agency has created ...

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Burnett reappears for Co-op as store ad wars crank up

The Co-op reappointed Leo Burnett to its account following a pitch and here’s the first new campaign, plugging fairtrade products but without lots of shots of gloomy-looking South American farmers. In fact it’s perkier all round than the agency’s previous ...

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Tesco caught out in fake farms scandal

You sometimes goggle at how stupid companies can be – and might be extra-goggled by Tesco whose rebrand of many of its food products is being investigated by trading standards. Why? Because it’s made up a series of nice-sounding farm ...

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BBH intrigues with new Tesco vinyl records campaign

Vinyl records are making a big comeback and now they’re on sale in Tesco. BBH has produced a new print campaign – including some fly posters it seems, as you do in the music biz – aimed at vinyl buffs ...

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BBH and Tesco try ‘basket dates’ for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’ Day is almost upon us (sorry, I’m programmed never to remember exactly when it is) and BBH is back on the Tesco case for this season of romance. Agency and client seem somewhat obsessed by shopping aisle relationships (as ...

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