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The World Wide Web turns 25 today: welcome to a new generation of ‘reputation engineers’

There are people whose primary job is to edit the internet. ‘Online reputation engineers’ scour the web on behalf of their clients, proactively or reactively putting their proverbial best foot forward. Reputation engineering has become a controversial topic in recent ...

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Stephen Whyte: content is the new big thing – it’s just a pity no-one seems to know what it really is

Selecting agency partners must be a pretty daunting challenge for marketers these days. There are traditional agencies claiming to be expert at multi-channel, multi-platform digital communications. There are media agencies with newly developed creative offerings. There are broad-based digital agencies ...

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Simon Francis: It’s Valentine’s Day – how can love blossom in the agency/client relationship?

Simon Francis, CEO of integrated marketing company Flock Associates, suggests some ways that clients and agencies can build true love into what are often fraught and short-term relationships.     The quality of the relationship between marketing and procurement clients ...

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Chevrolet goes gay as it tries to find a new, new road

Thanks to darling Vladimir Putin we’re all gay these days – or big brands are anyway. Chevrolet is making a principled stand/jumping on the bandwagon (delete where necessary) of Russia’s anti-gay and lesbian programme by running this ad in NBC’s ...

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Canada’s gay ‘lugers’ show up ridiculous Vladimir Putin

The Winter Olympics, just opened in Sochi, Russia, promises to be a laugh – unless a suicide bomber gets through, of course. Chief cause of merriment will be the efforts of pro-gay supporters (who include Google and the UK’s Channel ...

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