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Maybe women in adland doth protest too much

Has anything untoward happened to senior Procter & Gamble executive Roisin Donnelly? This piece in Campaign reads like an obituary. Actually she’s leaving the company after 31 years, presumably in good financial shape. The piece was accompanied by a ringing ...

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Wren storms the internet with ‘strangers kissing’ epic

Wren is an LA fashion label and it’s the biggest thing on the internet right now, with over 20m YouTube hits in a few days. So we have 20 people, all wearing Wren of course, of varied romantic tastes busily ...

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Burberry and Apple team for fashion connection

It’s London Fashion Week and here’s a nice collaboration between Burberry and Apple, showing how the iPhone 5s can you turn you into a runway snapper. Who needs David Bailey? Fortunately the old boy has become even more of a ...

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Now Walmart bangs the drum for American jobs

Walmart, rather like the UK’s Tesco, is hardly the world’s most-loved corporation. One of the things such retailers are often castigated for is buying cheap abroad, at the expense of manufacturing jobs in their home market. But America is working ...

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Strike Anywhere strikes a winner for Facebook’s 10th

And you thought Facebook was a collection of multi-zillionaires nicking all your data. Well it’s not – it’s as cuddly-wuddly as they come, at least in this new film to celebrate its tenth birthday. Turning 10, Thanks to You from ...

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Canada’s gay ‘lugers’ show up ridiculous Vladimir Putin

The Winter Olympics, just opened in Sochi, Russia, promises to be a laugh – unless a suicide bomber gets through, of course. Chief cause of merriment will be the efforts of pro-gay supporters (who include Google and the UK’s Channel ...

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Does Snoop earn his money for Moneysupermarket?

It’s doubtful that rapper Snoop Dogg is a user of Moneysupermarket.com as it’s a British product. But agency Mother has decided he’s worth the, presumably, considerable fee required to sign him up for its latest TV ad. Given the target ...

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Coke brings summer to winter in Sweden

It’s dark and cold out there there Scandiwegia (see countless stories) but trust good old old Coca-Cola to brighten things up a bit. IUM Sweden has installed one of Coke’s ‘Happiness Machines,’ now part of the ‘Reasons To Believe’ campaign, ...

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T-Mobile does it differently in Poland

In the nude it seems. We’ve bemoaned the sameyness of mobile phone ads here on many occasions so I suppose T-Mobile in Poland should be congratulated for persuading everyone to strip off to emphasise the benefits for ‘My Wallet.’ T-Mobile ...

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