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Yves St Laurent launches Y for Generation Y

Yves Saint Laurent is launching a new fragrance Y, aimed at the menfolk of Generation Y. These generations become a tad confusing when you’re not part of any of them. What’s next, Z presumably. Then do we start at A? ...

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BETC pulls off sexy U-turn for YSL’s L’Homme

Here’s a bit of Gallic fun for Yves St Laurent’s L’Homme fragrance from BETC Paris, featuring a French hunk, a rather desirable old Merc sports car and a Taylor Swift lookalike, who keeps putting clothes on while she’s waiting for ...

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UK’s ASA bans YSL Opium ad – is it running scared?

Many government quangos have taken a hit under the coalition government, this being a pretty easy way to save money even if the same functions and often people tend to pop up somewhere else. The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority is ...

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