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Hats on to Christmas ‘reality’ from W+K for Tesco

UK Advertisers and adland seem to have (mostly) held their hands up this year and admitted that Christmas is a bit of an ordeal. But best to get on with it, see it through and, of course, buy their products. ...

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W+K takes the rapid fire route for Tesco Xmas

The new Wieden+Kennedy London campaign for Tesco is a bit like London buses used to be: you wait ages for one (the first ad) to come along and then three (or a dozen) turn up at once. So here are ...

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Wieden+Kennedy London produces another feline winner for Cravendale

W+K London is on a winning streak on all fronts at the moment, winning Tesco and producing agreeably quirky stuff across the board. This is its latest, ‘Catnapped,’ for Cravendale Milk’s ‘cats with thumbs.’ I was reading the other day ...

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