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Deutsch LA’s exemplary safety ad for VW Passat

If you’ve just topped a car safety poll and given the agency a bit of money to promote the news then you’d be pretty pleased with this thirty seconds from Deutsch LA. “Designed with other drivers in mind” is a ...

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Best ads of 2011: VW Passat’s ‘Darth Vader’ from Deutsch LA

It’s VW again, but this time not from DDB but Interpublic’s Deutsch LA. Deutsch’s ‘The Force’ ad for the 2012 VW Passat featuring a precocious Darth Vader was the most-liked ad in 2011’s Super Bowl, has garnered over 45m views ...

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McDonald’s UK tackles the great ad taboo – doing something on your own

Well how often do you see some lonely character going for meal on his own? Advertisers learned long ago that showing individuals doing individual things invited disaster, that’s why whenever you see a woman in a kitchen she’s always has ...

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Fast mover Joel Ewanick hijacks other Super Bowl car ads for Chevrolet

There’s no stopping General Motors global CMO Joel Ewanick; irked by the big ‘consideration’ scores earned by Chrysler’s 200 (Eminem) and VW’s Passat (little Darth Vader) during the Super Bowl he apparently instructed his agencies to buy loads of online ...

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