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Publicis Groupe’s Klues and Roberts see pay rise

The big marcoms groups have been defying gravity recently with their financial results, all of them growing way ahead of growth rates in Western economies where most of their business is still based. So the various big bosses have been ...

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Publicis Groupe and WPP step up India battle

The Brits and the French spent much of the 18th century vying for control of India (the Brits won, of course) and the two old adversaries seem to be busily engaged in another contest to the death on the sub-continent, ...

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Why Big Fuel could run out of gas after losing GM

It’s difficult not to feel a smidgen of sympathy for General Motors whirlwind marketing supremo, Joel Ewanick (pictured). Clearly he’s bitten off more than even he can chew with a stupendous $5bn global creative advertising and media planning/buying review. Five ...

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