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If you look really hard at the numbers Facebook is worth ‘just’ $21bn (not $104bn)

According to the business press, Wall Street is full of recriminations over the Facebook IPO. Morgan Stanley, the lead underwriter, allegedly ignored downward revisions of forecasts from its own analysts during the roadshow pre-IPO. The top securities regulator in Massachusetts ...

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Agencies think social media will overtake search

Handily, just weeks before an IPO tipped to give Facebook a value twice that of Ford, some research has come to light underwriting investors’ colossal projection of faith. Here, to give the flavour, is Mediapost’s take on it: Social media ...

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Facebook IPO is a testament to its profit margins

The numbers for Facebook’s forthcoming IPO (share offer) are truly staggering: the offer of a tiny tranche of stock could raise $10bn, the company might be valued at around $100bn and founder Mark Zuckerberg (pictured) will be worth around $27bn, ...

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