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ASA slaps ad ban on Kronenbourg – but not Cantona

That’s a shame, I thought for a moment that the UK’s Advertising Standards authority had joined the slim ranks of those brave enough to show former footballer Eric Cantona the red card (Eric is not a man to mess with). ...

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Crazy Domains’ Pamela Anderson ad is banned in the UK – is this a boob on the part of the ad censors?

There’s an Aussie company called Crazy Domains stepping cheerfully into the shoes of America’s Go Daddy by making the boring business of web domaining a bit more interesting by showing tits and ass, with an overlay of innuendo. Well that’s ...

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Keira Knightley smoulders in vain for Chanel

This one might change Keira Knightley’s image: the actress best-known for playing Jane Austen heroines has had her new ad for Coco Chanel Mademoiselle banned in the UK because it’s too sexy. Actually it’s only been banned in daytime programmes ...

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