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Have (some) Americans gone fucking mad? Here’s a new and nasty ad from the NRA

North America is the greatest place in the world: it’s got everything; genius people, wonderful ground-breaking businesses, the sort of scenery that makes you feel alive again. The United States has also got its constitution, a wonderful thing, but one ...

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Burnett takes positive route for Co-op Funeralcare

We’ve remarked recently on the spate of CTG (cradle-to-grave) ads occupying British screens and here’s the real thing for Co-operative Funeralcare from new Co-op agency Leo Burnett. The Co-op is the biggest purveyor of funeral services in the UK and ...

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Now Mother and Moneysupermarket soar into space

“Save money on your car insurance and feel epic,” says this ad from Mother for Moneysupermarket.com. We know it’s ironic, deliberately over the top etc but, as a proposition, it still feels a bit lumpy. However Mother’s new ad, ‘Astronaut,’ ...

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Apple goofs again with ‘Do Not Disturb’ campaign

It’s amazing how even the most apparently sure-footed companies can morph into ones with two left feet. Apple has just introduced its ‘Do Not Disturb’ iPhone feature, only it doesn’t work. Presumably there are millions of people across the world ...

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Burnett scores with naff number plates for Car One

Buenos Aires must be the jokes capital of world adland (Del Campo Saatchi, Ponce), rather belying the reputation of Argentines for taking themselves a touch seriously. Here’s an effort for Argentine used car dealer Car One, promoting a competition involving ...

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