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Early death of Philip Gould reminds us of the days when admen ruled the UK political world

And Philip Gould (latterly Lord Gould) wasn’t even a particularly famous adman before he was chosen by New Labour presiding genius Peter Mandelson (later Lord…etc, etc) to be the about-to-be-revived party’s opinion pollster (usually focus groups) and sage. Gould died ...

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Here’s a great ‘Arab Spring’ ad for News 24 – but why do I feel a twinge of something like sympathy for Colonel Gaddafi?

Libyan dictator Colonel Gaddafi is obviously a nasty piece of work, persecuting his people in all sorts of horrible ways as the ‘Arab Spring’ tries to unseat him alongside other Middle Eastern dictators. And here’s a terrific ad for French ...

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UK PM David Cameron’s all over the place, send for a spin doctor!

He’s just acquired another one of course in former BBC producer Craig Oliver but the consensus (and it’s early days so far) is that Oliver is useless. More noted for the array of technology he carries with him than any ...

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