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David Miami unveils Budweiser Super Bowl bid

Fewer Super Bowl ads seem to have surfaced early this year (after all if you’re spending $5m on thirty seconds it may as well be a premiere.) Budweiser, a Super Bowl regular, has probably spent rather more on this and ...

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Bud Light to join seltzer wars with Super Bowl blitz

So-called ‘hard seltzers’ are taking the US drinks market by storm – leader White Claw does over $1.5bn in sales – so everyone’s jumping on the bandwagon of these revolting-sounding combos of carbonated water, five per cent alcohol and various ...

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System1: who’s winning the Bud Light/Miller Lite ad spat ?

Light beer never gripped the consumer consciousness in the UK in the same way as it did in the US. Over there, light beer ruled the market. Over here, it’s often just the last beer left in the fridge after ...

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