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UK shocked to the core by sexy Marks & Spencer ad

Warning to all UK advertisers: the merest suggestion of female carnality in a public place will now be punished by a rap over the knuckles from the Advertising Standards Authority. That is the message from the regulator, which has now ...

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Google shows technoraks can be creative too

It’s good to see that Google’s flush of Lions winners at this year’s Cannes International Advertising Festival is no flash in the pan. Currently, there are two excellent campaigns (or at least, two that I am aware of). They’re concise, ...

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StrawberryFrog agency looks for a buyer

Word reaches me that StrawberryFrog, the maverick international advertising network, has hoisted a discreet ‘For Sale’ sign. Whether it will succeed in its objective is open to doubt, as will be seen below. First a little background. StrawberryFrog – curiously ...

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