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This is a bit better from Mother as it pitches Stella against Heineken’s ‘open your world’

Stella Artois is trying desperately to recapture its decades-old position as a premium lager and new agency Mother has been going down the Lowe & Partners route by emphasising its ‘Frenchness,’ even though it’s Belgian (or was). Heineken’s ‘open your ...

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Why do brand owners waste their precious advertising assets?

I have been very tempted to stick my chin out several times on a topic I always find curious and surprising; it’s when a major brand drops a famous creative asset for something different and not related to the past. ...

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Rumbol and Green unveil plans for new agency 101

Former Cadbury marketing director Phil Rumbol (Mr Gorilla) and three refugees from Fallon UK, Laurence Green, creative Richard Flintham and designer Mark Elwood, have revealed a little about their eagerly-awaited new agency. It’s going to called 101 (which comes as ...

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