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Marks & Spencer boss Marc Bolland to axe ad queen Twiggy and her twiglets

Marks & Spencer is reported to be scrapping its expensive TV campaign featuring 1960s model Twiggy and cast of glamorous celebs who have fronted its ads since former Arcadia executive Sir Stuart Rose and his marketing director Steve Sharp moved ...

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M&S boss Marc Bolland ups online stakes by poaching Tesco’s Laura Wade-Gery

During his time as CEO of UK supermarket chain Morrisons Marc Bolland, now CEO of Marks & Spencer, ignored the internet, preferring to concentrate on plugging Morrisons fresh food and its ‘market street’ store layouts. But now as the highly-remunerated ...

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New M&S boss Bolland dumps Rose’s food brands strategy

New Marks & Spencer CEO Marc Bolland had to do something, having promised shareholders he would spend the best part of his first year on a ‘strategic review’ of the company. And he’s just taken the opportunity to say that ...

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Marketing bonanza pays off for buoyant Marks & Spencer

The headline in this morning’s Financial Times may have reported that M&S chief (Marc Bolland) eyes tougher times ahead but, in fact, the bellwether UK retailer has reported buoyant sales in the quarter to October 2. Like for like food ...

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England football scores for Marks & Spencer!

Bizarre but true: bellwether UK retailer Marks & Spencer managed to sell 38,000 Jamie Redknapp-promoted polo shirts and even 5,000 ‘replica’ England football team grey suits in the first quarter of 2010. Bet those 5,000 people feel a touch foolish ...

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Rosy outlook from Marks & Spencer, markets dive – what’s going on?

There was a time when robust big company earnings, like today’s from Marks & Spencer, would boost the stock market. Share prices, after all, reflect company profits so if they go up so do shares. Or do they? This morning ...

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