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DDB’s Hayhurst takes the hot seat at Leagas Delaney

To be fair it’s not as hot as it used to be when a succession of suits found working with Leagas Delaney’s demanding founder and creative supremo Tim Delaney far too hot to handle but the agency’s newly-appointed London managing ...

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Why £11.2bn of the UK’s £16bn adspend is wasted

According to the Advertising Association 2011 ad expenditure in the UK will be circa £16 billion. So a client spending £1.6m in 2011 will account for 0.01% of all advertising. Makes you think harder about what is and isn’t effective, ...

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How do you get clients to buy great work: truth or dare?

Some time ago one of the senior suits at Chiat Day was giving a speech where he said his mantra to account management was “Find out what the client wants, then find out what they need, then get them to ...

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