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P&G’s Tide Pods – don’t eat these at home

Procter & Gamble needed a winner in 2012 and new US convenience detergent product Tide Pods was it, reaching sales of $500m, almost unheard of for such a product launch. The trouble is that a lot of small children have ...

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OM4G – Fenton the dog strikes again for Everything Everywhere and Saatchi

Saatchi & Saatchi has enlisted the help of Fenton, the deer-chasing dog who became a YouTube sensation (or some pooch who looks remarkably like him) for its latest effort in the blockbuster launch of Everything Everywhere’s 4G service in the ...

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Does Kevin bring home the Bacon for EE’s new 4G?

I know I’m getting old (older) but it’s a bit depressing when every bloody ad in Channel 4’s showcase Homeland is for mobile or games or both. Actually the show’s quite depressing too – are they stretching a one-trick plot ...

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