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BuzzFeed produces high-scoring moggies for Purina

If you want a viral hit get a cat and a kitten with a baby chucked in for good measure. BuzzFeed’s new online opus for Purina Friskies has racked up nearly 12m YouTube hits in a week, possibly leading owner ...

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Purina and Deep Focus borrow Rube Goldberg’s idea – by way of W+K and Honda

A Rube Goldberg machine (named after an American cartoonist and inventor) is an ‘over-engineered contraption that performs a simple task in a complex fashion.’ Pretty pointless (if amusing) but they sure work for advertisers and ad agencies. Here’s a new ...

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DDB London and Bakers make their own Italian Job

The Italian Job starring Michael Caine and three Minis trespassing on Mafia territory was made back in 1969 (there was a forgettable remake in 2003) and it has lodged in the creative memory ever since. Now DDB London has come ...

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Why is Purina’s Fancy Feast the most popular commercial in the US?

Well you either feel this way about cats or you definitely don’t (even if you quite like cats). Agency Avrett Free Ginsberg (which seems to have started out as a print fashion agency) has certainly produced a winner for Nestle’s ...

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